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Over three decades, Mark Power has fashioned and formed his methods into a technique he has entitled, the Position & Distribution (pd) Method. Basically, the head and throat is positioned and ready for the breath; and then the distribution of that air support is delivered to the position. The foundation of Mark’s pedagogical approach is to work from the basic strengths and natural tendencies of every single student.  Mark gives a technical framework to his students, but leaves them free to execute their singing as they see fit.  He teaches a raw, primal, and unhindered emotion along with the elegant and controlled delivery of the “bel canto technique”. This is why he is able to teach singers of any style.

Traditionally, in the Italian school, singers were invited to sing “sulla posizione dello sbadiglio” – in the yawn position, which allows for the “gola aperta,” or “open throat,” which clearly involves a spontaneous lowering of the larynx and a widening of the pharynx:

To have the attack true and pure one must consciously try to open the throat not only in front, but from behind, for the throat is the door through which the voice must pass, and if it is not sufficiently open it is useless to attempt to get out a full, round one; also the throat is the outlet and inlet for the breath, and if it is closed the voice will seek other channels or return quenched within.  *(or as my preeminent teacher, Dr. Michael Warren, would call “being in restriction”.) It must not be imagined that to open the mouth wide will do the same for the throat. If one is well versed in the art, one can open the throat perfectly without a perceptible opening of the mouth, merely by the power of respiration… 
(Enrico Caruso – The Art of Singing, page 26)
*Mark Power note

Mark is said to be a strict, exacting instructor not given to flattery, but who enthusiastically praises his students upon exceptional achievement. And he has found exceptionality in every committed student he has taught, from Hollywood and Disney stars to Broadway and Opera, and most notably those with extremely limiting disabilities.

I never knew I had potential with my voice and Mark taught me how to use it to the best of my ability. I am so grateful for him!
— Josette McClurg